Light Bridges

«A new way of doing Science»


The Company

Light Bridges is a limited liability company of Spanish nationality and residence in the Canary Islands.

It explores and promotes new ways of «public-private partnership» in Research and Development. It achieves scientific and technological goals, without recourse to the expenditure side of the Spanish public budget.

The company is private. It assumes the risks of a business venture.


Thousands of scientists in the universities and in private industry, should be used in the days of peace ahead for the improvement of the national health, the creation of new enterprises bringing new jobs, and the betterment of the national standard of living.
Dr. Vannevar Bush, 1945.

We love Science. We love Technology.


New frontiers of the mind are before us.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1944.

We aim for a deeper understanding of our Universe.


Science offers a largely unexplored hinterland for the pioneer who has the tools for his task.

Dr. Vannevar Bush, 1945.

Science is the province of Humanity. We want it to be greater and richer.

The Mission

«To research and develop new processes of
private financing and execution of
scientific and technological projects of general interest»


Light Bridges promotes proprietary «turn-key» projects, based on technology, research and innovation:

○➤ Project management for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) activities.
○➤ Internal Research and Development (R&D).
○➤ Co-creation of new markets in astrophysics and space.
○➤ Economic and scientific optimization of private Science Infrastructures with objectives of public interest.

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